A lot of people experience anxiety - it shows up in many different ways.  Artistic souls in particular tend to be hyper-sensitive.  In my 30s I began having panic attacks.  A few months were truly debilitating.  I thought I was losing my mind and losing control.  I had no idea at the time just HOW MANY people suffer from anxiety; even people I knew.  After a few months of tears, fears, therapy and prescriptions, I got to good place.  I was determined to regain control of my brain. I became a total nerd and dove into Physics courses and homework.  I also read book after book about wellness and discovered how important self-care is.  I took an intensive course on Feng Shui.  Eventually I was able to maintain my own wellness and calm without the help of a pill.  For me, proper sleep, hydration, healthy diet, and frequent outdoor walks are essential.  Having a variety of creative projects going at once also keeps me on an even keel.  It's a little ironic, I know, but that's my system! Zen Noodle Pie is a podcast I started in 2016 and it's given me the opportunity to share more on this subject and to have intimate, candid conversations with old and new friends about their experiences with anxiety and what works for them! The struggle is real. But we're in this together. Remember to breathe, take a walk and stay hydrated! xo, KMD

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